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Wednesday June 17, 2009


In my MALE attitude to increased oil burning efficiency I have forgotten the CHEF'S POINT OF VIEW- so here goes!

Hobs - these are MUCH HOTTER -  on the hotspot side - for faster cooking

The simmering spot is ALSO HOTTER

Oven recovery. MUCH faster that a wick burner -remember we achieve 205oC in 3 hours FROM COLD , 4 hours to full heat. That's hours less that a wick burner. water heating & dog/ kitchen warming similar if left on overnight - but HAVE IT OFF - save money and the dog won't moult so much!

Lower oven . Not so hot as the cooker reaches heat faster in top oven then switches off. We can easily overcome this if important to you by increasing heat input to lower oven but that will increase the time to reach full heat in the top oven.
Note DON oil conversions never gave the full 50% in the lower oven - we can achieve it though!

No more oil control valve to get in the way of cupboards - smell or be accidentally tripped off!

Latest news

We now have OFTEC engineers from Scotland south to Kent and across to Cornwall to fit your Snugburner - and guarantee the installation. Average installation cost is 1950 inc burner ,labour & vat - payback time better than savings account  rate!  Wandering installer available  to  cover your installation if no local chap.

This is what it costs to run your Aga! OIL NOW A BIT CHEAPER AT 50P a LITRE

Wick burner - Cooker version OC ( oil cooker)  uses 10-12 gallons a week ( Agas own figure) 45-54 litres @0.50 = 22.50 - 27.50
With a boiler   14 gallons a week = 63.7 litres = 31.50
a 4 oven with boiler   16 gallons a week = 72.8 litres = 36.80 

latest TEST results. Ian, our approved installer in FROME, SOMERSET has a working Aga in his house on a OIL FLOW METER. He will be pleased to show it to you but oil consumption is working out less than 5.0 litres a day running 24/7 - so that's 3 litres a day saving on a wick burner = 1.50 a day = 10.50 a week or 525  a year. You may save more by shutting OFF from say 11pm-7am - that's 8 hours a day or a THIRD less!

 I timed by Aga that had been left on 24/7. From 6.45 to 7.45 it fired for just 18 minutes to maintain the oven heat selected-

To run MY aga for a 14 hour period cost me 2.15 or 15.00 a week (30 litres) . Obviously if you a cooking  a roast or bread the oven calls for more heat - so firing times are longer.  If your chimney "pulls" too hard or you cook a lot ,that also increases firings but we can adjust draw and pressure is set to your fuel type (diesel runs at 120-150psi)

Confused? Work out the time you want your Aga on , and if in doubt mail me the figures for a rough calculation!

            The Snugburner is purpose made to fit the Deluxe version, which was introduced in 1956. f you have a Standard Model-with small ash pit door, we a           are working on a BOLT ON version that should be a quick installation  The Deluxe is easily distinguished as it has 3 doors (5 if a 4 oven) all the sa          same size. See photos showing the pre 74 models. It will fit any oil / gas version after 1974 (except balanced and fanned flue gas models)

These are suitable for conversion ,easily  IF the inside door area if like the LEFT photo below

This is a GAS aga ,but the OIL version has same size aperture       This sky blue WAS a solid fuel version-with dropped ash pit conversion would need stripping and cutting out









The original SOLID FUEL deluxe can be converted but the front needs cutting our ,involving a strip & rebuild.

Note on some early Oil Agas there was a division on the left side, like the photo below. That would need to be changed to the simple rectangular version ,as shown on the right in the 1st photo.. We can supply the new casting if required.

Blue won't take a Snugburner!

The sky blue Aga would need stripping as it has the early spacer- the later one simply bolts in its place.

You want to update other parts in your Aga?
Our sister company will supply any parts you need, from a lid spring to a complete oven.See website for photos and prices.

All Agas with a FULL SIZE aperture can be converted , be they originally oil or gas (except balanced flue versions). The later deeper ash pit model is OK to take the Snugburner as well , with only the  ceramics slightly altered.

Fitting the Burner takes less than a day and involves removing the existing burner and supply pipe into the cooker, cleaning out the burner chamber & passages, a small modification on the oven breather and fitting a tube into the flue box .Insulation that is specially designed is fitted in the firebox to stop the cast iron castings from overheating. Apart from cutting down the oven breather ( ex solid fuel models) the normal Aga baffle, barrels and flue stay the same - if converting from gas however the flue diverter must be changed to an oil or solid fuel flue box.

Our kit consists of the following

Snugburner, fitted on a carrier plate. Mounting plate & 6mm studs to attach it to the ash pit spacer; outer cover which has the oven thermostat attached ( allows burner removal without disturbing the stat oven probe). Mains cable in - all pre-wired. All ceramic plates, numbered for ease of fitting and mastic for joint sealing ;flue box insert and insulation; Fuel filter, 6mm bundy feed pipe and connections at both ends, KBB valve and 10mm connectors. Full fitting instructions with photos, and technical backup numbers plus any on line assistance

Cost. The kit costs  1338.11  inc vat and delivery . We install for 1950 all in inc vat, subject to location .

Is My Aga suitable? Yes but the installation cost will depend on whether the front is suitable - see the different types of spacer above .If solid fuel it will need stripping and the front cutting out - or maybe you can trade it in for one already done, perhaps in a new colour? 

Does it need expert commissioning? Yes, but any OFTEC oil engineer can set up this burner. Its pre-fired at the makers but commissioning is setting the combustion, checking the safety features are in place, bleeding the pump etc and should only take about 2 hours.

Is it NOISY? This was VERY IMPORTANT to use when at the design stage and we are delighted to announce that we are achieving a noise level of 48 decibels . That's LESS than the ambient kitchen noise level of 50 decibels. We have found that with one of us standing next to the cooker and the other 6 foot away the speaker doesn't need to raise his voice AT ALL! We are working on an e mail video of this but so far havent been able to get it right - of this but we all know that every home is different and thus it may not represent your home's level. But in the 2 years  we have been supplying this burner all reports on the noise have been " is that it? " That's not bad at all! your type of chimney also affects this - heavy flue pipe dampens the sound

are there ANY drawbacks? Yes - if a POWER CUT its OFF! Secondly the bottom oven is a bit cooler at first (as the heat is more rapid in the top oven and hobs -not a slow build up).

will it run on chip fat oil? No

Oven Chips Forget them! You have a MUCH HOTTER HOB with our burner so can get back to real chips! Stir frys are also much easier.

Servicing . A once a year affair- clean out fan, change nozzle, maybe blast tube, a bit of extra mastic in the joins- that's what we have just done on one after 18 months continuous use.

Whats it look like?


     No changes to front. No oil control on side

Control is by simply turning the knob inside the door. The burner is timed to operate on a 3 minute ON cycle, then 3 minutes OFF until it reaches full heat.

We are THRILLED with this conversion and expect sales to go berserk, once the public realise that it can be done.

Beat the rush and get it done before the price of oil FORCES you to!



 Unit 18C, Penley Industrial Park, Penley, Wrexham, Clwyd , Wales LL13 0LQ

Mobile 07860 676793 ,Graham Lake ( Technical calls) 075 958 62703  



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