Bolt On Snugburner for originally SOLID FUEL Aga range cookers – Deluxe or Standard Model

What is it? - It’s a modern oil burner designed to fit the Aga solid fuel range cooker manufactured from 1941 to now.
How does in work? - You switch it on by a simple time clock or flick of switch and it fires & cooks!
What about wicks, low sulphur oil, carbon and aggro? - Forget them as the Dark Ages are over!
Does it take long to fit? - About a day or LESS as there is no dismantling of your cooker needed
Can my Aga man fit it? - Probably, get him to call us!
Does it need an Aga Expert to fit? - No, just a competent oil engineer, used to PJ burners.
Is it noisy? - We don’t think so. Your kettle is far noisier and as for the microwave!
Can we see one or hear one working? - Yes, you may have a drive up to our works or see a local one.
Will it save oil? - Yes, a minimum daily saving of about 2 litres or about 90p/6 a week
Will it continue to heat the hot water? - Yes.
Does it fit Rayburn range cookers? - No, we have other versions that suit OIL or originally GAS Rayburn range cooker.


Chimneys and Flues

You need to check the position of your flue. The black chimney in the photo to the right is NOT high enough and this WILL cause problems!

The best answer is to install a powered fan that sits on top of the flue and increases updraft. We offer them for sale via our Aga Spares site here: www.agafixpspares.com









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